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Property of  T.J. Malley Electric, Inc.  (2011) There are many reason that  you may need us  in the middle of the night or on the week-end. We are here when you need us, 365-days a year 24-hours a day. Call today. People always wonder what this service is all about an why it is offered. Well, the bottom line is there are many electrical emergencies that happen. 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 1.) All the sudden you have no power in a portion of your home.  (Believe it or not this is a very bad thing to let go unattended. Basically there is a connection in your home that has broken, become lose or melted. This means you home or business are endanger of excessive arching which creates excessive heat, which can lead to major damage to your electrical system and could be a fire hazard.) 2.) You have a funny smell in your home, the smell of something electrical burning. (We respond to hundreds of these calls a year, sometimes it is nothing, but more likely we will find something cooking the wiring system. We have everything from the wires actually burning, main electrical panels melting to light socket overheating. Anyway you look at, it is worth the call.) 3.) Lights getting dimmer and brighter. ( You homes electrical system is under extreme distress.  The lights doing funny things means either a voltage drop or voltage spikes. Many different things could caused this, and should not be ignored.) 4.) Your generator is not working properly (In the middle of night, or on the week-end, when your  back-up generator is not working properly, you can rest assured we are one phone call away. Authorized Generac Service Dealer.)