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BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN Many homeowners take hot baths or showers without thinking about the impact of moisture and humidity on their bathrooms. In fact, a typical shower can produce a pint of water in the form of humidity. In very cold or hot weather, we don't typically open windows, so the damp air can't escape. Lingering damp air can wreak havoc: over time it can cause paint to peel, doors to warp, and may even lead to mold growth. To reduce humidity and make the bathroom more comfortable, damp air must be quickly and efficiently removed from the room. The best practice is to install a bath exhaust fan that is quiet and properly sized to the room dimensions. Additionally, it should have a feature that enables it to be controlled on a timer Certain rooms of your home require different ventilation practices. Kitchens need more ventilation than any room  in the house. The Home Ventilating Institute recommends that the air in your kitchen should be replaced 15 times  per hour. Bathrooms require a minimum of eight air changes per hour. Other rooms, such as laundry, family room and basements require a minimum of six air changes per hour We all recognize the need to exchange the air in our bathrooms. Think about the rest of the home. Call for a free estimate