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There are many different types of residential electrical services, keep in mind that we have had electricity entering homes sense 1900’s. So we see all types of main electrical services, but you might be asking what is the “main electrical service”? Believe it or not, there are still homes running on 30-amp main electrical service’s, granted they are becoming more and more rare as modern appliances draw more power So, your home most likely has one of the following main electrical services: 1.)  Some variation of a fuse panel - These type of panels are very common in older homes, For the part, Insurance companies and home buyers are fading this older type of service’s out. There is a fire and safety issues associated with these panels. Homeowners commonly will install over-sized fuses which causes wires to overheat and burn. If you do have fuses and can not afford a new service, you should have the system checked for safety. We offer these safety inspections, just contact us for further details 2.) 60-amp circuit breaker - This type of service is no longer allowed, the minimum size electrical service allowed today is 100-amps. If you are operating on a 60-amp service, you really need to consider an upgrade. 3.) 100-amp circuit breaker - This is currently the smallest size electrical service allowed to be installed,this service size is good for smaller locations, that do not have any future uses of larger electrical devices. 4.) 150-amp circuit breaker panel - Not a very common main electrical service size, there is no great savings over the 200-amp, so most people decide to go the 200-amp. 5.) 200-amp circuit breaker panel - This is the most popular upgrade, this service size will accommodate the majority of homes and there electrical needs The main electrical service is the heart of your electrical system. If you over work it it will fail. We will give you an honest answer on your electrical service.