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In the summer, use the ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction. While standing  directly under the ceiling fan you should feel a cool breeze. The airflow produced creates a wind-chill effect, making you "feel" cooler. In the winter, reverse the motor and operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction. This produces a gentle updraft, which forces warm air near the ceiling down into the occupied space. Remember to adjust your thermostat when using your ceiling fan — additional energy and dollar savings could be realized with this simple step! When a ceiling fan is installed the support is the most important aspect of the  installation. With-out the proper support there is a potential of the ceiling coming down on someones head and creating a serious injury. Hiring a professional is the key to safe installation. Simple way to save money all year round. Create a breeze all summer long and push the heat down from the ceiling all winter long. Even can be used outside to keep the bugs away.