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Property of  T.J. Malley Electric, Inc.  (2011) Four Reasons why you should consider installing a generator: 1.) Protection of your investment (Your Home or Business) When the power goes out, your home and/or business becomes vulnerable. There are things that go into immediate motion, the food is starting to warm up in the refrigerator, the heating system is no longer providing warmth, the well pump no longer provides you with running water. Your investment has just turned on you and has become a liability. 2.) Convenience/Cost savings (No Hotel rooms or loss of business) Every power outage, hotel rooms fill up fast (unless the hotel does not have power or an emergency generator) and they can put a financial strain on a household  budget. Not only the cost of the room, but the cost of having to go out to eat (while the food in refrigerator goes bad). If your business has lost power, then you are generating any revenue, and still carrying the same expenses, does not take long for a business to recover the cost of a generator. 3.) Increased Safety (Not having to abandon your home or business) During every power outage, then are thousands of people that are forced to their property. They leave in the faith that no-one will break into the home or business, they leave not knowing when the power has been restored. They leave not knowing if their pipes will freeze. They goes someplace foriegn to them out of their safety zone. With Generator power, you risk nothing, you stay in your comfort and safety zone. 4.) Improved value (Additional Equity in your home or business) After the resent power outages, new home owners will be looking for this option in any home they will be putting an offer on, same with a new business owner. They will all be looking for the protected investment and the convenience of never losing power. This is an investment that will pay itself back in not only short term, but long term return of your investment. You are the only one who can decide on the value of adding a generator to your home. We are here to just offer the information and service when you make your decision. Ask about our generator trade in and upgrade programs