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What do I do if my new light fixture requires 90-degree Celsius wiring? How do I know if my home has it? What happens if I ignore this warning? This is a problem we have to deal with everyday, and the solution is not always easy. These are three important questions, you need the answers but you might not like them. 1.) What do I do if my new light fixture requires 90-degree wiring? Answer - Well, you have made a good first step, you looked on the Internet for an answer. You need to have a qualified Licensed Electrician determine the age of your wiring system. Once the age of the wiring system is determined, then we can make a recommendation on how to get the wiring system updated. 2,) How do I determine if my home has it (90-degree wiring)? Answer - The first good indicator is the age of the home, if the home was built or rewired before 1985, then there is a good chance that the wiring system is not 90-degree Celsius. Another way to check is look for the NMB stamp on the outer-jacket of the wire 3.) What happens if I ignore this warning? Answer- This a two part answer, first you will be in violation of the manufacturer specification which would void all warranties and the National Electrical Code which could void any Insurance claims, The second answer is you will be putting a tremendous amount of strain on your wiring system. When you ignore this warning, then you allow allot more heat to placed on the wires connecting to the new light fixture. This causes the insulation on those wires to fail and start to crack. This leads to arcing of the wiring in light, which can result in fire. So it is not as easy and safe to just go buy a light and replace it, it is a safe practice to hire the professionals.