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One inexpensive way to turn the heat down and make summertime living more enjoyable is to install a gable end attic fan. A typical gable fan uses a 14" blade driven by a 2 or 3 amp motor and moves around 1,300 cubic feet of air per minute. This amount of air flow will completely exhaust a 1,600 sq ft attic every 3 - 4 minutes. Most fans also come equipped with a thermostat for convenient operation. If your attic is larger than 1,800 sq ft you might need to install a fan at each  end of the attic or purchase a single, more powerful fan It is a pretty simple concept, your attic heat up getting well above 100-degree’s. As that heat sits up there, it radiates the heat down into your living space. An attic exhaust fan creates air-flow which in turn cools the attic space and makes you Air-conditioner work allot less. This simple addition to your home can save you a fortune during the summer time. Stop throwing you hard earned money out. GABLE-END ATTIC FANS