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Property of  T.J. Malley Electric, Inc.  (2011) First thing we need to touch on is the fact that not all aluminum wiring is unsafe. Aluminum wiring is still used today and is installed safely and properly presents no danger at all. When we talk about unsafe Aluminum Wiring, we are referencing the smaller  Aluminum wiring that was used in homes in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The photo on the right shows the burnt aluminum wiring in the back of a receptacle, and the picture on the left shows the burnt Aluminum wiring in an electrical panel. The biggest problem starts at the points of connection,the old Aluminum wiring expands and contacts at a much greater rate than the metals used at the connection points. This creates air gaps, arcing and then fire The center picture above shows a failed aluminum to copper spliced connection. Even though this is one method many will use to limit the dangers of the older aluminum wiring, we here at Malley Electric do not use this connectors for anything but a temporary repair There is only one, proven,  time test solution to the fire hazard of old Aluminum wiring. The complete removal and replacement. Aluminum Wiring Hazard