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Property of  T.J. Malley Electric, Inc.  (2011) THIS IS NOT A SAFE WIRING METHOD TO LEAVE ENERGIZED IN YOUR HOME!! Knob & Tube wiring was used around 1881 and 1931 and in many homes it is still energized today Think about what was on this electrical system when it was installed? A light, maybe a radio? So, today we have vacuum cleaners that require more power than the house of the 1890’s ever thought would be needed, but you are willing to connected that vacuum cleaner to that old wiring system? There is nothing good about having this wiring system energized in your home. This is a danger that you have the ability to control, there is nothing unknown about it, it will fail. It has outlived the life cycle for this wiring  method. It has most likely outlived the original installer, the original homeowner and the original manufacturer, yet you are putting your safety, your life and the lives of your families on the line. Next time you look at this wiring method, you will probably notice that the insulation covering those copper conductors is all cracked and brittle, imagine what it looks like in spots you can not see.  I have heard people say that they feel “It was one of the safest wiring methods installed.”I like to follow that up “In its time” &”ITS TIME HAS PASSED”  “ 100-year old wiring systems should be upgraded, & I do not recommend anyone purchasing a home with this old wiring system. Life is to precious.” Knob & Tube Wiring